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Acrylic sheets:
Polymethyl methacrylate is one of the best-known polymers that has been used with various applications instead of glass in windows making industry and glazing. This material is one of the strongest and firmest polymers with the higher transparency then glass , shiny and glossy . it is good to be mentioned that polymethel methacrylate sheets vastly applied in manufacturing of plane windows . .

About the Product
About 40% to 50% of PMMA products is used in car manufacturing , 33% in construction and lighting and the rest in designing & manufacturing CDS, toys , stationery like pen , making and decorating sculptures and electrical industry..

Usage Flat PMMA sheets manufactured in Polymer Talayi Yazd Company have home commercial industrial and professional uses and so they are counted as multi functional an compatible material . its main usage are as follows:

  • Construction :

Light reflection doom sand patios , partitions , window glazing , ceiling materials , sunroof , safety and secure glass , glazing kitchen and bathrooms unbreakable glass office equipment.

  • Lighting:

Part of inside house lighting lenses lighting control lenses and lamp cover

  • Industry:
    Cabin and safety cover for worked and machinery transport reservoirs and pipes

  • Advertising industry::

Sign of stores , decorative parts of shopping centers, pictorial graphic signs display box and window

  • Other usage:

Plastic containers ware , transparent engraving moulds and patterns , glass cabins used for sunbathing , acoustic walls , transportation industry , clock glass and vehicle speedometer cover


  • Transparency:

None-colored PMMA flat sheets are 92% transparent which is so unique. Transparency of glass using in window glazing is about 90% combination factors guarantee these sheets long durability and make it idea for all outdoor projects.

  • UV resistance :

UV resistance : UV radiation have harmful effects on polymers. UV radiation can easily break chemical bonds and chains and causes analysis, discoloring and changing the mechanical properties, PMMA is naturally more resistant Polycarbonate against UV radiation. .

  • Safety:

PMMA sheets are more shock resistant than glass. If they are hit within impossible limit, they will not be broken in small pieces..

  • Expansion and contraction resistance::

Although PMMA flat sheets will be expanded and contracted in moist and thermal changes, they wont get crumpled or wrinkled. During thermal forming it might be a little wrinkled but after that they will be highly stable an any cirumestances.

  • Light weight::

The sheet weight is almost half of glass weight with the same thickness and dimension and weight 43% of aluminium sheet..

  • Appropriate thermal conductivity coefficient :

Flat PMMA sheets are better insulted than glass. The total coefficient of thermal transmission of these sheets are thickness 10% less than that of glass so because of energy saving and high cost of energy , we should find a replacement for glass and the flat PMMA sheet is the best choice Shock and thermal stress resistance flat PMMA sheets are even more resistant to the stress caused by considerable thermal differentiation of two sides of window. .

  • Easy to use in construction:

Under technical observation, flat PMMA sheets can be easily cut , drilled , pierced , formed , painted , stuck. Flat PMMA sheets with 3-12 mm thickness and 1250x2050 mm and 3050x2050mm dimension are manufactured in Polymer Talayi Yazd Company. These sheets are available in white , red , opaque and transparent blue. It is possible to be produced in different colors and dimensions due to the customers order .